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01 May 2017

The Pan-American Highway: The ultimate roadtrip

The Pan-American Highway is considered the world's longest "motorable road" (save for the 90 mile Darién gap between South America and Central America, which you can bypass by putting your vehicle on a cargo ship). It's not actually one road either–there are only some official sections and other sections where multiple…

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29 Nov 2016

The Motherland (Ireland)

Ok, so I'm not Irish (sadly), but my great-grandparents on my mother's side were born in Belfast and emigrated to America when they were adults, around the early 1900s. My grandpa was extremely proud of his Irish roots, so much so that he and his brother made sure to pass…

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10 Jul 2016

Carry-on Only Luggage Packing for Long Trips

When I fly, I don't check a bag. No matter how long the trip is. There are two reasons for this: I love flying budget airlines, where the checked bag fees are usually more than the flight itself; and I love the peace of mind that the airline can't lose…

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24 Sep 2015

Hong Kong

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I had been traveling for 40 hours. I had a 5 hour flight to San Francisco, then a 19 hour delay (thanks US Airways) in which I would have slept on the airport floor had I not been lucky enough to have family in San Francisco…

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