24 Sep 2015

Hong Kong

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I had been traveling for 40 hours. I had a 5 hour flight to San Francisco, then a 19 hour delay (thanks US Airways) in which I would have slept on the airport floor had I not been lucky enough to have family in San Francisco…

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18 Aug 2015

Finding the Keymaster in Myanmar

...and other stories! I only spent 4 days in Myanmar, but it was there that I collected the most and the best stories from my Asia adventure. At the airport in Mandalay, the ground crew line up in a row and wave goodbye to you when your plane is taxiing towards…

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23 Jun 2015

Air Asia ASEAN Pass Travel Completed!

Well, I used up my Air Asia travel pass, and it was an amazing adventure (and value for the money). If you haven't heard yet, Air Asia is offering an amazing promotion right now, similar to JetBlue's sadly discontinued All You Can Jet pass, which I bought (and loved) in 2012.…

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