29 Nov 2016

The Motherland (Ireland)

Ok, so I'm not Irish (sadly), but my great-grandparents on my mother's side were born in Belfast and emigrated to America when they were adults, around the early 1900s. My grandpa was extremely proud of his Irish roots, so much so that he and his brother made sure to pass…

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02 Feb 2014

The Northern Lights

The arctic circle is fun to fly over. I’ve never flown over a major latitude or longitude line before (embarrassingly, I’ve not yet crossed the equator or the prime meridian). They don’t announce it on the flight, so you don’t know exactly when you've crossed it, but when you look…

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01 Feb 2014

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

I absolutely loved the Astrup Fearnely Museum... so much so it needed its own post. The building, designed by architect Renzo Piano, in and of itself is a masterpiece, and it's right on the Oslo waterfront with breathtaking views of the fjord and the rest of the city. Inside is…

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