Travel Tips

10 Jul 2016

Carry-on Only Luggage Packing for Long Trips

When I fly, I don't check a bag. No matter how long the trip is. There are two reasons for this: I love flying budget airlines, where the checked bag fees are usually more than the flight itself; and I love the peace of mind that the airline can't lose…

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13 Nov 2013

How To Travel For Free (For Real)

The most common question I get when talking to people about my travels is "how can you afford that?" Or they just say "must be nice" or "you're so lucky!" What's sad is that most of the time people don't even believe me when I say I basically travel for…

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09 Jul 2013

10 Places to See Before They’re Gone

This fabulous infographic from Daily Infographic features some of the most endangered places on the planet to continued tourism - if you want to see these places the way they are now, better go soon. I was fortunate enough to visit spot #4 (Venice, Italy) when St. Mark's wasn't underwater,…

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