This is where I list the best¬†current deals I’ve found online. My favorite way to save tons of money traveling is to “let the deal take me”. I wait for amazing deals to pop up and depending on where they are, that’s where I go! The broader range of deals available, the better, since I have more places to choose from! I keep them fairly up-to-date but if you click on one that’s not available anymore, kindly let me know by social media or email.

*8/17: Use promo code “SAVE50” for Frontier to save 50% off flights… crazy!

  • Ryanair (Ireland, Europe) fares from between 9.99 and 19.99 GBP
  • Norwegian (US, Europe) – I’ve used Norwegian many times to get ridiculous deals on flights to Europe from the US, for as low as $380RT including taxes and fees.
  • Frontier (US) – I can’t stand this airline, but you really can’t beat a $175 RT flight from Los Angeles to Orlando, which is a fare I’ve been able to find a few times now. Keep in mind that with low-cost carriers, the trick is packing light- they charge well above average for bags, that’s how they “get you”.
  • Momondo – My favorite flight search engine. They always seem to find a flight that’s way less than all the other flight search engines.
  • WOW Air – They’re running excellent deals right now to-and-from the US to Europe, with totally free “stopovers” in Iceland (since every flight connects through Reykjavik anyway). Last I checked, flights from most major cities in the US to most major hubs in Europe were going for about $400US.